About Luminary

Luminary is a boutique group comprised of skillful, highly experienced specialists that offer professional development and educational experiences designed to enlighten, equip, and inspire today's leader.

For over 15 years, Luminary's focus has been to produce high-level experiences and events of all kinds — from global leadership simulcasts and niche educational events, to best-seller book launches and virtual coaching programs.

Since that time, we have cultivated relationships with the world's leading directors and writers, event managers and production engineers, brand specialists, and IT professionals. Access to top talent is unmatched, and readily available, as opportunities arise.

Management team

Our team hails from a variety of backgrounds. We consider individual contributors the heartbeat of who Luminary is, and they represent the vision of who we can become.

Jamie Minton

Founder & President

Jamie comes from a family of educators, with an appreciation that learning is a lifelong process. He has a heart for entrepreneurship and expresses it by equipping thought-leaders with the insight and guidance they need to develop impactful training products, meaningful brands, and professional development offerings that inspire today's leader.

He was introduced to the event, speaker/author world, and publishing business when he moved to Atlanta, taking a job working full-time for Dr. John C. Maxwell. There, he helped lead the corporate division for John's company — Maximum Impact — pioneering satellite downlink simulcasts.

When the company sold in 2004, Jamie created what is now known as Luminary. Luminary's focus is to create useful learning environments, events, and products of all kinds — from global leadership simulcasts and niche educational events, to best-seller book launches and virtual coaching programs.

To date, Jamie's companies have produced, sold, and created global events, as well as on-demand training platforms and stages that have been graced by some of the greatest communicators of our time.

Luminary Strategic partners

Soapdesign, Inc.

Creative & Technology Director

Robert Augustin

Founder & CEO

Robert serves Luminary as Creative Director and manages the design, user experience, and brand development of the company's products and services, including development and deployment of LeaderPass. Beginning in 2004, Robert garnered his extensive experience in the creative advertising field, when he joined Patternworks, DLG., an advertising agency, and later worked for Steelsole Wearables International GmbH, a fashion company, where he was responsible for the company's market communication. Robert brings a strong foundation to Luminary, and as Jamie puts it, he couldn't do it without him!



Emma Pitts


Prized as one of Luminary's key strategic partners, Emma radiates ideas, a commitment to excellence, and strives to find even better ways of serving clients. Her project managers, editors, and free-lance team represent some of the best emerging talent Atlanta has to offer. Previous to starting PullSpark, Emma helped launch North Point Online representing one of the largest ministries in America - and grew that program to reach nearly 15,000 virtual attendees each week. A big shout out to Emma for bringing it each and every time to Luminary and our projects!

Advance by Afterburner

Jim Murphy

Founder & CEO

Founded by Jim "Murph" Murphy, more than 1.7 million professionals have experienced the power of Afterburner's Flawless Execution model. Luminary's brand Honor2Lead is proud to be working in an effort to expand Afterburner's Military Transition Seminars - to a new program called Advance. The ADVANCE training program was designed to equip and support active duty service men and women through one of the pivotal experiences of their lives. Created and delivered by veterans who have gone before them, this program provides career-planning skills with up-to-date strategies that work.

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John Maxwell Company

Mark Cole


In 2019, an exclusive partnership with the John Maxwell Company was formed, that empowered Luminary to lead the initiative for launching and developing John Maxwell's Ambassador Program for the direct sales & network marketing profession. This includes the development of a new book written by John for the industry and a yearlong program designed to equip and reach millions of individuals, over the coming years.

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University of North Georgia

Rose Procter

Director, BB&T Center for Ethical Business Leadership

The first Honor2Lead simulcast event was held at the University of North Georgia, a state leadership institution and one of only six senior military colleges in the nation. Their campus provides a culture of academic excellence in a student-focused environment that prepares students to become civic, professional, and military leaders who serve communities locally and globally.

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American Bar Association

John E. Mitchell

Chair - ABA LP Division

Since 1974, ABA Law Practice Division (LP) has supplied lawyers and legal professionals with cutting-edge information and resources related to the core areas of marketing, management, technology, and finance. Luminary has an ongoing effort to continue its strategic partnership with the ABA, to bring leadership development via simulcast and on-demand to legal professionals, Law schools and State Bar Associations.

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Invisible Ink

Brent Cole


Served as a ghostwriter and creative consultant on more than 50 books, including 15 bestsellers for premier thought leaders, entrepreneurs, celebrities, athletes and executives. The body of his ghostwritten work has sold an estimated 5 million copies. Luminary is working with Brent to develop a new learning course that will walk budding speakers and authors through a proven, step by step process, helping them discover their own personal story and authentic message.

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