John Maxwell Book Launch

& Global Simulcast • June 30th, 2019

Advance by Afterburner

Military Transition Training • March 1, 2019

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Viola Davis & Phyllis Newhouse

Journey to Legacy - Simulcast • August 26, 2018

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Lieutenant General James L. Terry

Commander of the 3rd Army • Presenter - Honor2Lead • 2015

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Jack Welch

CEO, GE • Presenter - ELN Simulcast event • 2006

Sarah Robbins

Network Marketing • Presenter - Mastermind Event • 2017

Senator Tom Daschle

U.S. Senator • Presenter - LeadThroughChange • 2014

Sir Richard Branson

Founder, Virgin Group • Presenter - Luminary Series Events Leading to Greatness • 2005

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Luminary defines leadership

Luminary is committed to building educational tools, cutting-edge training platforms, and innovative technologies that directly impact the development of individuals and their teams, around the world.

From famed best-selling authors and entrepreneur icons, to mainstream celebrities, as well as the most distinguished industry, military, and political figures of our time, Luminary's award-winning training experiences have featured the "who's-who" in personal and professional development.

Luminary impact

While Luminary's team has been behind the scenes of some of the largest single and multi-day events in the U.S. — we measure success based on organizations impacted and lives changed.

More than a thousand corporate clients through colleges, universities, & entrepreneurial organizations, and 1,000,000+ business leaders in all 50 states and 79 foreign countries & territories, have been trained through Luminary's live Simulcast and On-demand events.

Here's a sampling of our productions:


The Ambassador Program

Exclusive Program, Upper level Leaders

Simulcast Event - 7/30/19

With John C. Maxwell & top leaders in Network MarketingConceptLuminary is launching a new book and digital resource with Dr. Maxwell that will be unlike anything he has created before. It will debut to the world July 30, 2019, via live global simulcast and will provide a training for the entire direct sales and network marketing profession.

including #1 leadership expert, John C. Maxwell


Advance by Afterburner

U.S. Military Veterans

Military Transition Program - 11/19

With Jim Murphy & the Afterburner TeamConceptThrough its brand Honor2Lead, Luminary has partnered with Afterburner, Inc. to create the ADVANCE training program. It is designed to equip and support active duty service men and women through one of the pivotal experiences of their lives. Created and delivered by veterans who have gone before them, this program provides career-planning skills with up-to-date strategies that work!

including CEO, Afterburner, Jim "Murph" Murphy


ShoulderUp: Journey to Legacy

Womens Movement

Simulcast debut - 8/26/18

With Oscar winnning actress, Viola Davis, along with the Ernst & Young 2017 Entrepreneur of the Year, Phyllis Newhouse Conceptthe ShoulderUp movement is dedicated to connecting and supporting women on their journey, to bring about change in our communities - where and when it is needed the most.

including Oscar Winner, Viola Davis



You, Refined. Your Message, Clear.

Workshop - 4/16/18

With Luminary executives featuring Brent Cole - ghostwriter of 55 books, 10 New York Times Bestsellers, 10 million copies soldConceptHow do I take my brand to the next level? Should I write a book? I want to add value to others, but were do I begin? Knowing your life message begins with knowing yourself. This is the premise of Distill. The two-day workshop is a one-of-a-kind process with a straightforward objective: help you clarify your most potent message and then provide you actionable ideas to put it to use in your ventures.

including top ghostwriter, Brent Cole



Academia, Business, Military, Sports

Virtues of Trustworthy Leadership

WithCommander of the 3rd Army, Lt. Gen. James L. Terry, Lt. Gen. Stayce Harris of 22nd Air Force, Senator Johnny Isakson, Aflac CIO Julia Davis, FedEx VP Neil Gibson, CEO Afterburner Jim "Murph" Murphy, CEO Local Motors Jay Rogers, Harvard professor Len Schlesinger, Babson College Mary Gentile, and Dr. John C. Maxwell. ConceptBroadcasting from the University of North Georgia campus, Honor2Lead debuted as a leadership training that spotlights 8 core values that are shared across all branches of the military. In an ongoing effort, H2L identifies trustworthy voices who esteem the eight corp virtues and are willing to provide leadership insight from their real-world experience. Outstanding business professors, best-selling authors, active or former military leaders, exemplary athletes and coaches, cutting-edge business innovators, top thought leaders, and decorated war heroes have stepped forward with a willingness to teach, so others can learn to lead with these virtues.

including Lieutenant general, Stacye Harris

ELN: Global Event

Business and Management

Leading at a Higher Level

WithJack Welch, Ken Blanchard, Marcus Buckingham, and Dr. Stephen R. CoveyConceptUsing the High Performance Learning Model as a guide, ELN produced the first-of-its-kind leadership experience—providing participants unprecedented access to the Executive Learning roundtable. Over 200 companies and thousands of participants throughout the U.S. and 16 foreign countries took part in this unique professional development tour through four separate cities, in and out of the boardrooms, via private satellite network.

including CEO General Electric, Jack Welch


ABA Lead Law


Leadership Development for Lawyers

With John E. Mitchell, Dr. Larry Richard, Mark Beese, Patrick J. Lamb, Stuart L. Levine, Linda A. Klein, Tom Grella, Pamela Woldow, William C. Hubbard, Anne Ellefson, Lanneau W. Lambert, Jr. Jack Rives, Christina M. Liu, Artika Tyner, & Senator Tom Daschle.ConceptABA Lead Law: Leadership Training for Lawyers was simulcast from Greenville, South Carolina, featuring 16 presenters in relationship with the American Bar Association - LP Division, in conjunction with the National Conference of Bar Presidents. Produced as a leadership training experience via Simulcast live on October 23, 2015 and offered through Luminarys LeaderPass On-demand platform, ABA LEADLAW provided an opportunity for lawyers to participate in a leader development experience designed specifically to equip them with new perspectives and practical tools in the area of lawyer leadership. It was presented as the largest leadership Simulcast of its kind through national, state & local bar associations, law schools and hosts across the country.

including President American Bar Association, Linda Klein


Lead Through Change

Healthcare Professionals

The Healthcare Issue

WithSenator Bill Frist, MD and Senator Tom Daschle, Presidents of the American Medical Association and the American Dental Association, top 20 healthcare CEO , Dr. Ron Paulus and concluded with best-selling author, John C. Maxwell.ConceptThis simulcast event was broadcast out of Asheville, North Carolina and trained thousands through healthcare systems, medical offices, and universities across the U.S. It was produced by Luminary in partnership with Eblen Charities and the Andrew Institute for Leadership and Public Service. Lead Through Change: The Healthcare Issue 2014 was specifically designed to provide quality insights and training for the U.S. medical professional and healthcare community.

including U.S. Senator, Tom Daschel


MULTIPLY - Laws of Growth

Network Marketing/Direct Sales

15 Laws of Growth featuring John C. Maxwell

WithMark and Tammy Smith, Holton Buggs, Sarah Robbins, Amber Voight, Kierston Kirschbaum, Fred Graves, Becky Bursell, Steve and Pasha Carter, Jason Borne, Brad Murray, Hayden and Emily Vavra, Adam and Vanessa Green, Jordan and Kristen Kemper, Simon Chan, Jessica Ellerman, Andrea Gebhardt, John Holowaty, and 40+ Breakout Session Speakers. ConceptLeading experts in Network Marketing assembled in Atlanta, Georgia for a global Simulcast training reaching every state in the U.S. and 79 foriegn countries. Dr. John C. Maxwell took the stage and was joined by 18 thought leaders who delivered high-impact lessons as they helped customize Johns 15 Laws of Growth for the entire Network Marketing profession.

including Top industry earner, Holton Buggs

Worldwide Luminary Series Events

Business management

Leading to Greatness

WithCarly Fiorina, Malcolm Gladwell, Rudy Giuliani, Jack Welch, Stephen R. Covey, Marcus Buckingham, & Sir Richard Branson Concept The Luminary executives grew this extraordinary event with strategic partners based in Lexington, KY. The global event aired out of Washington, D.C. and was simulcast live into 50 cities and international hosts, reaching a top audience of 75,000. Leading to Greatness was all about building true success wherever you live and work.

including Founder Virgin Group, Sir Richard Branson

Global Athenaeum

Women CEO Summit

Guardian Leadership in the 21st Century

WithAmy Kopeland, Nancy Widmann, Joanne Schram Mealia, Kim Bishop, Diane Brady, Mary Caraccioli, Dr. Sherry Cooper, Cathy Cranston, Antehena Disney, Alexis Gelber, Cathy Dixon-Kheir, Alexandra Lebenthal, Metsi Makhetha, Geraldine Mehu, Karen Morris, Paula Silver, & Edie Weiner. ConceptLuminary, under its ELN brand, co-produced the simulcast event and directed the sales for the Global Athenaeum, which proved to be the first live broadcast of its kind, featuring 11 top female CEOs. It aired out of New York City in partnership with Amy Kopeland, founder of Bedlam Entertainment.

including United Nations, Metsi Makheta

Sales Excellence

Sales Professionals and Sales Teams

Strategies for Creating Extraordinary Results

WithAnthony Robbins, Tracey Matisak, Michael Port, Brian Tracy, & Steve Lundin ConceptIn partnership with Targeted Learning Corporation, Luminary executives helped produce and deliver the Sales Excellence event. The full day simulcast event reached sales professionals and their teams throughout the world.

including Nation’s #1 Life and Business Strategist, Anthony Robbins

The Excellence Edge

Business and Management

New Strategies for Creating Extraordinary Results

With Tom Peters, Marcus Buckingham, & Ken Blanchard ConceptThis Luminary Series event featured three unparalleled voices of leadership took stage for a half day training to business leaders around the country, while the experience was delivered via satellite, broadcast directly into organization headquarters.

including Management expert, Ken Blanchard


Network Marketing/Direct Sales

With Jordan Kemper, Jason Borne, Sarah Robbins, Emily Vavra, Todd Cahill, Cedrick Harris, Monique McLean, Tiffany Malott, Mario Arrizon, Niki Keyohohou & Dr. John Maxwell Concept The #1 leadership expert in the world was surrounded by the top 7-figure earners, from 10 different Direct Sales organizations, who each taught exactly what is required to grow influence in the profession. Powerful training from proven, humble leaders who collectively represent teams of over a million distributors worldwide.

including Industry expert, Sarah Robbins

Living Leadership

Business and Management

The New Future

With Dr. Stephen R. Covey, John Kotter, Jack Welch, Mike Abrashoff, Dr. John C. Maxwell, & Rudy Giuliani - also featuring a Forbes magazine CEO panel ConceptLiving Leadership was the perennial global satellite program developed by Maximum Impact in 2002. Key Luminary executives both directed and led the sales teams as the event was broadcast live out of Atlanta, Georgia and offered a satellite downlink into participating cities through a direct hosting partnership with local colleges and universities.

including Best-selling author, Dr. Stephen R. Covey

Put your event in great hands

In addition to producing our own leadership training experiences, Luminary offers strategic partnerships when opportunities arise and missions align.

This means bringing years of experience, custom resources, and valuable relationships to existing producers, content providers, and thought-leaders, in an effort to help scale and exponentially grow their reach.

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Luminary technology

Luminary provides best practices for growing your virtual audience, utilizes economies of scale to lower your production costs, and helps power your training through its proprietary software, allowing you to seemlessly deliver, protect, and monetize your content.



The premier training & development platform for exclusive, world-class content.

Protect, deliver, and grow. LeaderPass was originally created to be an extremely user-friendly online platform that delivered Luminary events. It may be used for both live and on-demand scenarios. Two years in development, and having been tested by multiple tens of thousands of users, this one of a kind software is now being offered to strategic partners, as a way for them to benefit. It's a private, widely used, online application designed to protect content, simplify delivery, and grow reach.

HD Simulcast

Offer your local event to remote participants, host sites, and attendees around the world.

Maximize your audience. Luminary has the team to help you do it. When properly done, simulcasting your event can capitalize your single location experience and multiply its impact 100-fold. Your speakers, content, and local attendees become the foundation for a world-wide broadcast, giving your message and material the audience it deserves.

Add some edge to your digital content

Our process is intentional and client-focused. We immerse ourselves into your vision, ideas, and brand to help solidify your message.

We then listen to your goals, help you identify objectives, and bring methods that leverage our collective experience and technology to creatively share your authentic story.

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